Member Services

In addition to fulfilling the initial purposes of the Alliance, the Alliance has provided (and will continue to provide) several additional and meaningful services for member clubs.

  • GTAPA has printed a colour brochure for clubs to distribute as they wish to generate new members.
  • GTAPA has organized bus excursions to visit the American Philatelic Centre in Bellefonte, PA.
  • GTAPA has shared speakers for club meetings and judges for local shows and exhibitions.
  • GTAPA, in cooperation with the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, has provided exhibition frames for all clubs wishing to store them for their own future use.
  • GTAPA has arranged for clubs to have handouts and stamps for their youth programs.
  • There are six sandwich boards (two-sided) to use indoors to mount announcements, directions or special events at your show. They can be placed on tables, on the floor in the aisles or in entranceways. You simply produce your signs and attach them to the boards. Contact: Peter Butler at 416-690-4666.
  • There are two more sandwich boards with, “STAMP SHOW TODAY” with a large arrow giving the direction. These can be used outdoors at traffic intersections to announce your stamp show. Contact: TBA.
  • There is a laptop computer and projector to show PowerPoint presentations at club meetings. In order to use this equipment, one needs to have the presentation on a memory stick. The computer is not available to create the presentation. The request must come from a member who knows the operating procedures to use the equipment or is willing to learn at a demo meeting at the VGG Foundation. Contact: Peter Butler.
  • There is a PA system suitable for use in a school gymnasium or auditorium. The speaker and amplifier is one easy-to-carry unit, with a 12 ft. cord and microphone to attach. Contact: Peter Butler.

For clubs wishing to take advantage of these member services, please plan and make arrangements well ahead of time.  Thank you.