GTAPA Awards

To recognize achievements by our clubs and members, the GTAPA has created a series of awards as described below.  The recipients of these awards are listed in a sub-section.


A Certificate of Merit will be presented to an individual or group that has provided a significant service to philately within the membership of the GTAPA. The proposal is made to the President of the member club who, in turn, presents the proposal to the GTAPA Board for approval.


The Challenge Award is a trophy donated by Garfield Portch to recognize club level, single frame exhibiting. Unlike the format of typical exhibitions, whose exhibitors compete on an individual basis, the Award will be contested among GTAPA Member Clubs.  The competition is to be held at STAMPEX or some other local exhibition in which GTAPA is a participant.

Any GTAPA Member Club is eligible to enter a team of three exhibitors, each of whom will exhibit a Single Frame (16 pages) Exhibit that conforms to current established rules of competition. The team entry is to be selected via a competition within each club with the three best exhibits forming the team.

A jury, consisting of (at least) two National Judges will evaluate and score each exhibit in accordance with current standards. The award will be presented to the club having the highest aggregate score.



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